Leo Song

Photograph Leo Song
Title PhD Candidate
Department Mechanical Science & Engineering

Seung Yun (Leo) Song

M.S. Mechanical Science & Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2019
B.S. Materials Science, Purdue University West Lafayette, 2015

I am a PhD student focusing on soft materials, soft exoskeleton, and control system.

Soft Sensing Exoskeleton Suit for Motion & Muscle Detection
I am currently working on an ergonomic, soft, and discreet exoskeleton suit that can monitor human’s motion such as joint angle, angular and linear velocity/acceleration as well as muscle activity via sensing myo-electric signals.

Research Interests:

  • Controls System
  • Soft Exoskeleton
  • Wearable Technology

Personal Interests:
I love to play sports, especially soccer/running/weight lifting. Hackathons are my favorite competitions.

Email: ssong47(AT)illinois(DOT)edu