HDCL presented a robotic task trainer demo at the Illinois State Neurological Society Meeting in Chicago, Illinois

The arm and leg task trainers were demoed to a group of neurologists attending the Illinois State Neurological Society meeting (Saturday, September 17th) in Chicago, IL, last Saturday, September 17th. The goal was to get their overall feedback on the realism of the arm trainer on mimicking rigidity and spasticity and the leg on replicating […]

HDCL presented at DMD Conference 2022 in Minnesota, USA

In April 2022, three lab members presented their work at the Design of Medical Devices Conference at the University of Minnesota. Yinan presented his work titled ‘Control design and Preliminary Evolution of a Medical Education Simulator for Ankle Tendon Reflex Assessment Training‘ in the Advances in Wearables and Minimally Invasive Devices Session. Mahshid presented her […]

HDCL represented at ISB/ASB 2019 in Calgary, Canada

In August 2019, Maria Fox presented part of her dissertation research in a podium presentation titled “Body Size Differences in Vertical and Leg Stiffness in Running Humans” at the XXVII Congress of the International Society of Biomechanics (ISB2019) and 43rd Annual Meeting of the American Society of Biomechanics (ASB2019). Chenzhang Xiao presented two posters from […]