PhD Alumni

StudentYear GraduatedThesis TitlePlacement
Nadja Marin2023Comparison of IMU-based Elbow Joint Angle Estimation Methods for Improved Clinical Assessment of Spasticity and Rigidity
Ze (Fred) Wang2023
Yu Chen2023Enabling Mobile Robot Perception and Shared-Control with Vision-Based Sensor Fusion Systems
Chenzhang Xiao2023Personal Unique Rolling Experience: Design, Modeling, and Control of a Riding BallbotSystems Analyst, Intuitive Surgical, Inc.
Yinan Pei2023Development and Validation of Lower-and Upper-Extremity Robotic Medical Education Task Trainers for Neurological ExamsPostdoctoral Science Program, Amazon Robotics
Nicholas Thompson (Girish Krishnan, co-advisor)2022On the Design, Modeling, Fabrication, and Application of Fiber-Reinforced Soft Pneumatic ActuatorsProduct Design Specialist, 3M
Maria Fox (Anthropology, John Polk, co-advisor)2020The Biomechanical Consequences of Body Size Differences in HumansLead Data Scientist, REEF
Matthew Petrucci2016Modulation and modeling of anticipatory postural adjustments for gait initiation in persons with Parkinson’s diseasePost-doc, Department of Neurology, University of Minnesota – Twin Cities (2016-2019). Post-doc, Department of Neurology, Stanford University School of Medicine
Morgan Boes2016Evaluation of a pneumatic ankle-foot orthosis: portability and functionalityContinued with MD studies at UIUC CMD/PhD candidate). (2016-2018). Medical Resident, Dept of Pediatrics, University of Minnesota.
Mazharul Islam2016Studies on gait control using a portable pneumatically powered ankle-foot orthosis (PPAFO) during human walkingSr. Imaging Scientist, Intel Corp, Oregon
Louis DiBerardino (Harry Dankowicz, co-advisor)2014Neuromuscular Control Adaptation During Recovery From InjuryAssistant Professor, Dept of Mechanical Engineering, Ohio Northern University
Yifan Li2013On Improving Control and Efficiency of a Portable Pneumatically Powered Ankle-Foot OrthosisPrincipal Engineer, Western Digital, San Jose, CA (2013-2014). CEO and co-founder, Hesai Photonics Technologies, Shanghai, China (2014 +)
Kiwon Park2012Quantitative assessment of human gait patterns using biomechanical and dynamical toolsAssistant Professor, Dept of Mechanical Engineering, Trine University
Chantal Ragetly (Veterinary Medicine, Dominique Griffon, co-advisor)2011Gait analysis of the hind limb in Labrador Retrievers with and without cranial cruciate ligament diseasePrivate veterinary practice, Paris, France
K. Alex Shorter2011The Design and Control of Active Ankle-foot OrthosesResearch Investigator, Dept of Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan
Pilwon Hur2010Quantification of the Human Postural Control System to PerturbationsPost-doc, Center for Ergonomics. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (2010-2014). Assistant Professor, Dept of Mechanical Engineering, Texas A&M University (2014+)
Richard Doyle (Kinesiology, Karl Rosengren, co-advisor)2008Generalizability of Center of Pressure Measurements Across Age PopulationsMedical Student, UI Chicago
Raziel Riemer2007Optimization-based Inverse Dynamics to Reduce Errors in Estimated Joint TorquesAssistant Professor, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, Ben-Gurion University, Beer Sheva, Israel

MS Alumni

StudentYear GraduatedThesis TitlePlacement
Mahshid Mansouri2022Exploring patient pressure relief, repositioning and transporting while in the bedContinued to PhD
Prateek Garag2020  
Ayush Sinha2019Open source content for soft pneumatic exoskeleton (design of mannequin and pneumatic circuits)Yaskawa America Inc. , San Francisco, CA
Seung Yun (Leo) Song2019Quantification of spasticity and rigidity for biceps and triceps using the PVRM (position, velocity, and resistance meter)Continued to PhD
Yinan Pei2018Design and evaluation of a passive hydraulic simulator for biceps spasticityContinued to PhD
Alan Gaglio2017 (anticipated)  
Austin (Ruixi) Chen (Industrial Design MFA, Deanna McDonagh co-advisor2017Inappropriate posture: Device to Regain Awareness on Postures and Prevent Trauma, Case Study: How Can Young Adults’ Posture Be Monitored Discreetly By Sensing and Movement Assistive TechnologyCole Haan, Industrial design internship
Chenzhang Xiao2017Pneumatic Ergonomic CrutchesContinued to PhD
Jiahui (Carrie) Liang2016Design of a passive hydraulic simulator for abnormal muscle behavior replicationApple, Cupertino, CA
Ziming Wang2016Design of actuation system and minimization of sensor configuration for gait event detection for Gen 3.0 Portable Powered Ankle-Foot Orthosis (PPAFO)MathWorks, Natick, MA
Matthew Petrucci2016Evaluation of gait kinematics and kinetics using a powered ankle-foot orthosis for gait assistance in people with multiple sclerosisContinued to PhD
Deen Farooq2015Modifications and Upper Extremity Orthotics for the Lofstrand CrutchCaterpillar, Peoria
Michael Angelini2015Obstacle Crossing Behaviors in Firefighters: Effects of Personal Protective Equipment and Firefighter ActivityLittelfuse, Chicago, IL
Iris (Mei Kuen) Hsu2014 (anticipated)Variability of upper extremities of manual wheelchair users: comparison of different methodologies 
Michael Wineman2013Design and effects on handrim kinetics of an automatic gear-shifting wheel for manual wheelchairsWatlow Electric Manufacturing Company, Wisconsin
Richard Kesler2013Analysis of Fatigue in Firefighters: Foot Clearances Over Stair Edges and Validation of a Novel Means for Metabolic Data CollectionIllinois Fire Service Institute, UIUC
Douglas Wajda (J. Sosnoff co-advisor)2012Wireless accelerometry using a smartphoneContinued to PhD in Kinesiology
Michael Socie (J. Sosnoff co-advisor)2012Gait variability in Multiple SclerosisGeorgia Tech, graduate student in Prosthetics and Orthotics program
Morgan K. Boes (J. Sosnoff co-advisor)2011Postural control in persons with Multiple Sclerosis: an investigation of dual task cost and physical modelingContinued to PhD
Scott Daigle (J. Sosnoff co-advisor)2011Design and evaluation of an automatic gear-shifting system for a manual wheelchairIntelliWheels, Inc., Champaign, IL
Emily Morris2011Gait analysis techniques to understand the effect of a hip strength improving program on lower-limb amputeesCaterpillar, Peoria, IL
Zanxi An2011Complexity and Variability Analysis of Phase Portrait of Upper Arm Segment Angle in Manual Wheelchair PropulsionFoxconn Technology Group, San Jose, CA
Jason Thomas (E. Loth co-advisor)2009Active Torque Ankle Foot OrthosisIndustry job
Robin Chin (E. Loth co-advisor)2008Portable pneumatic power-harvesting ankle-foot-orthosis for foot-dropContinued to PhD in another lab
Louis DiBerardino2008Assessing gait differences through the complexity and variability of motion shapesContinued to PhD
Andrew Bosiljevac2007The Effects of Tai Chi Training on Kinematic and Kinetic Obstacle Crossing BehaviorsProctor and Gamble
John Jang2007Longitudinal Balance in Pregnant Women and Young Healthy AdultsPhD Student in Linguistics, UIUC
K. Alex Shorter2007Detecting Asymmetries in GaitContinued to PhD
Karthi Rajendran (K. Rosengen co-advisor)2006Slips, Trips, and Falls Research Study ReportCardinal Health, Waukegan, IL
Brett Duiser2006Analysis of Human Postural Control Response to an Impulsive PerturbationRolls-Royce, Indianapolis
Kelly McHugh2005Assessing Skill Due to Tai Chi Experience: A Biomechanical Analysis of Long Term Practitioners and Older Adults Enrolled in Tai Chi Training 
Matthew Major2004Biomechanical Analysis of Aggressive Inline Skating: Landing and Balance on a Grind RailPhD in Bioengineering, Univ of Strathclyde, Manchester, UK
Arun Ramachandran2004Effects of Tai Chi on Quiet Standing Balance and Obstacle Crossing Strategies: A Biomechanical AnalysisBoeing, Indiana

Undergraduate Alumni

StudentProject Year(s)Independent Study Research Project
Michael Xu2023Pectin/Graphene thermal sensor project
Teague Mitchell2023Pectin/Graphene thermal sensor project
Thinh Nguyen2023Pectin/Graphene thermal sensor project
Vansh Sharma2023Remote state anxiety detection and monitoring using multimodal wearbale sensors (RADWear)
Xulin Fan2023Remote state anxiety detection and monitoring using multimodal wearbale sensors (RADWear)
Eddie Kwon2023Personalized Unique Rolling Experience (PURE) project mechanical design
Shyna Talpallikar2023Personalized Unique Rolling Experience (PURE) project mechanical design
Patrick Li2023Personalized Unique Rolling Experience (PURE) project mechanical design
Holiday Han2023Pectin/Graphene thermal sensor project
Zhongchun Yu2023PVRM validation study
Samuel Schapiro2022Remote state anxiety detection and monitoring using multimodal wearbale sensors (RADWear)
Yintao Zhou2022Personalized Unique Rolling Experience (PURE) project mechanical design
David Lam2022Personalized Unique Rolling Experience (PURE) project mechanical design
Tongyun Huang2021Anxiety Detection
Ryu Okubo2021PURE project; Anxiety Detection
Victor Ke2021Remote State Anxiety Detection using Wearable sensors (RADWear) – logistics
Aria Ruan2021Upper-extremity Robotic Rigidity Medical Education Task Simulator
Isaac Pedroza2021Upper-extremity Robotic Rigidity Medical Education Task Simulator – User interface
William Xu2021Upper-extremity Robotic Rigidity Medical Education Task Simulator – User interface
Evan Ripperger2020Upper-extremity Robotic Rigidity Medical Education Task Simulator
Niviru Wijayaratne2020Upper-extremity Robotic Rigidity Medical Education Task Simulator
Jong Hyun (Jay) Son2016Design of Next Generation Ankle Foot Orthosis
Ye Oo2016Pneumatic Elastomeric Accumulator
Zonghe Chua2015Affordable Electrogoniometer for Rehabilitative Gait Analysis
Kevin Kibler (Yih-Kuen Jan co-advisor)2015Implementing bath lift for person with cerebral palsy
Emily Matijevich2014-2016Kinematic Compensation to Increased Ankle Stiffness During Gait (2014), Measuring Changes in Gait Variability in Persons with Multiple Sclerosis while wearing Pneumatically Powered Ankle Foot Orthosis (2015), Method for quantifying hip circumduction during over-ground walking in persons with mild and moderate multiple sclerosis severity (2016)
Grace Deetjen2014Duration of Exertion and SCBA Design Affect Firefighter Balance
Kathleen Neville2014Design and Testing of a Portable Ankle Angle Capture Device (PAAC)
Joshua Kim2013Investigation of Beaglebone Black
Lela DiMonte2013Differences in Firefighter Fatigue Protocols as Measured by a Functional Balance Obstacle Course
Julian Sy2012Assessing gait changes in firefighters due to fatigue and asymmetrical load carriage
Michael Angelini2012Effects of firefighter load carriage and fatigue on the utilized dynamic coefficient of friction during obstacle crossing
Casey Barnash2012Study of Actuation Using Worm Gear and Pneumatic Motor
Stephen Braun2012Chainless Challenge Report
LeeAnn Monahan2011Design of a Life-Cycle Testing System for Manual Wheelchairs
Mei Kuen (Iris) Hsu2010Electromyographic study of canine gait in Labrador Retrievers
Sara Neitzke2010Analysis of center of pressure and knee angle during standing balance of Tai Chi practitioners
Joel Gilmer2009Fluid powered ankle-foot-orthosis
Jason Thomas2007Air Cylinder Designs for Firefighter Gait and Balance Assessment Study
Vladimir Cabildo2006Motion and Force Data from the Canine Gait Cycle – II
Michael Kern2006Personality and Postural Responses to Affective Pictures
Farooq Khan2006Three Dimensional Joint Angle Calculations for the Detection of Gait Asymmetries
Laura Gerke2005Motion and Force Data from the Canine Gait Cycle
Scott Block2005A Hand Study: Development of an Inexpensive Data Glove
James Jackson Potter2005Analysis of Quiet Standing Stance Width and its Effect on Balance Parameters throughout Pregnancy up to Delivery
Todd Mayer2004GUI Modification of MATLAB code for Pregnancy Project
Kathy Wingate2004Biomechanics of Object Crossing Landings
Nicholas Wills2004The Relationship between Back Pain and Stability throughout Pregnancy and up to Six Months Postpartum
Susan Shah2004Variations in Balance and Postural Control throughout Pregnancy and up to Six Months Postpartum
Kurt Beschorner2004An Analysis of the Effect of Approach Distance on the Maximum Foot-Obstacle Clearance of the Elderly During Obstacle Crossing
Abner Satterthwaite-Phillps2002Postural stability of humans during quiet stance and when startled

Non-Independent Study Undergraduate Alumni

Nicole Arnold
Kayla Arquines
Zachary Block
Anastasia Borok
Lauren Bowles
Faith Bradley
Vittorio Bruno
Daniel Chavka
Kevin Davis
Zifei Feng
Owen Flasch
Dayae Frail
Liz Gacek
Prateek Garag
Seth Gordon
Brett Harton
Molly Hathaway
Madison Heimerdinger
Megan Hodgson
Luke Jungles
Henry Kohring
Nicholas Kolpack
Phillip Kwon
David Lin
Jiahang Liu
Frank Luo
Anirvan Majumdar
Yifan Mao
Lauren Merry
Joseph Miksan
Rohita Mocharla
Seiji Naito
Antonia Nepomuceno
Kathryn Neville
Abby Pakeltis
Josh Porter
Yimeng Qin
Alisa Riskus
Daniel Schuh
Jesse Schultz
Emily Seyforth
Wendy Siman
Taofik Sulaiman
Tut Tangtragulcharoen
Jason Troutner
Jie Yan
Lance Zhou