Lab Group Photos

Meeting on zoomHDCL Spring 2004
HDCL Summer 2023. Congratulations to Dr. Yu Chen and Nadja Marin!
HDCL Summer 2023.
HDCL Summer 2023
HDCL Spring 2023
HDCL Spring 2023
HDCL Summer 2022
HDCL Spring 2022 (wild and together again!)
HDCL Spring 2021
HDCL Fall 2019
HDCL lab reunion at ISB/ASB 2019
HDCL Fall 2017. Add Dr. Maria Fox (REEF), Dr. Nick Thompson (3M), soon-to-be Drs. Chenzhang Xiao, Leo Song, Yinan Pei
HDCL Spring 2016. Farewell lunch for Dr. Mazhar Islam (Intel)
HDCL Fall 2015
HDCL Fall 2014
HDCL Fall 2013. Add Dr. Mazhar Islam (Intel), Dr. Matt Petrucci (Stanford), Dr. Morgan Boes, MD/PhD (U Minnesota), Soon-to-be Dr. Chenzhang Xiao
HDCL Spring 2008. Add Dr. Yifan (David) Li (founder, CEO, Hesai Tech, China)
HDCL Spring 2007. Note Professors Alex Shorter (U Michigan, ME), Pilwon Hur (GIST, Korea, ME), Kiwon Park (Incheon National University, Korea, ME), Louis DiBerardino (Ohio Northern U, ME)
HDCL Fall 2005. Note Professors Raziel Riemer (Ben Gurion U, Israel, IE), Alex Shorter (U Michigan, ME)
HDCL Spring 2004. Note Professors Molly (Hathaway) Goldstein (UIUC, ISE); Kurt Beschorner (UPitt, Bioe); Matty Major (Northwestern, NUPOC)