Graduate Student Theses

Doctoral Students

  1. Louis A. DiBerardino III, Ph.D., “Neuromuscular Control Adaptation During Recovery From Injury,” July 2014. (Assistant Professor, Ohio Northern University)
  2. Yifan (David) Li, Ph.D., “On Improving Control and Efficiency of a Portable Pneumatically Powered Ankle-Foot Orthosis”, June 2013. (Western Digital Corporation)
  3. Kiwon Park, Ph.D. “Quantitative assessment of human gait patterns using biomechanical and dynamical tools”, March 2012. (Assistant Professor, Trine University)
  4. Chantal A. Ragetly, DMV, Ph.D., “Gait analysis of the hind limb in Labrador Retrievers with and without cranial cruciate ligament disease”, co-advisor: Prof. Dominique Griffon (Veterinary Medicine), July 2011. (private practice, Paris, France)
  5. Alex Shorter, Ph.D., “The design and control of active ankle-foot orthoses”, January 2011. (Research Scientist – University of Michigan)
  6. Pilwon Hur, Ph.D., “Quantification of the human postural control system to perturbations”, Dec 2010. (Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University)
  7. Richard Doyle, Ph.D., “Generalizability of center of pressure measurements across age populations”, co-advisor: Prof. Karl Rosengren (Kinesiology/Psychology), May 2008. (medical Student – University of Illinois at Chicago Medical School)
  8. Raziel Riemer, Ph.D., “Optimization-based Inverse Dynamics to Reduce Errors in Estimated Joint Torques”, May 2007. (Assistant Professor, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer-Sheva, Israel)

Master Students

  1. Deen Farooq, M.S., “Modifications and Upper Extremity Orthotics for the Lofstrand Crutch”, September 2015.
  2. Michael J. Angelini, M.S., “Obstacle Crossing Behaviors in Firefighters: Effects of Personal Protective Equipment and Firefighter Activity”, May 2015.
  3. Michael J. Wineman, M.S., “Design and effects on handrim kinetics of an automatic gear-shifting wheel for manual wheelchairs”, December 2013.
  4. Richard M. Kesler, M.S., “Analysis of Fatigue in Firefighters: Foot Clearances Over Stair Edges and Validation of a Novel Means for Metabolic Data Collection”, April 2013.
  5. Michael J. Socie, M.S., “Gait variability in Multiple Sclerosis”, co-advisor: Prof. Jacob Sosnoff (Kinesiology), May 2012.
  6. Douglas Wajda, M.S., “Wireless accelerometry using a smartphone”, co-advisor: Prof. Jacob Sosnoff (Kinesiology), MS project, May 2012.
  7. Morgan K. Boes, M.S., “Postural control in persons with Multiple Sclerosis: an investigation of dual task cost and physical modeling”, co-advisor: Prof. Jacob Sosnoff (Kinesiology), December 2011.
  8. Scott C. Daigle, M.S., “Design and evaluation of an automatic gear-shifting system for a manual wheelchair, co-advisor: Prof. Jacob Sosnoff (Kinesiology), December 2011.
  9. Emily A. Morris, M.S., “Gait analysis techniques to understand the effect of a hip strength improving program on lower-limb amputees”, July 2011.
  10. Zanxi (Lloyd) An, M.S., “Complexity and Variability Analysis of Phase Portrait of Upper Arm Segment Angle in Manual Wheelchair Propulsion”, MS project, May 2011.
  11. Jason A. Thomas, M.S. “Active Torque Ankle Foot Orthosis”, MS project, co-advisor: Prof. Eric Loth (Aerospace Engineering), May 2009.
  12. Louis A. DiBerardino, M.S. “Assessing gait differences through the complexity and variability of motion shapes”, December 2008.
  13. Robin Chin, M.S.” Portable pneumatic power-harvesting ankle-foot-orthosis for foot-drop”, co-advisor: Prof. Eric Loth (Aerospace Engineering), October 2008.
  14. John Jang, M.S., “Longitudinal balance in pregnant women and young healthy adults”, August 2007.
  15. Kenneth Alex Shorter, M.S., “Detecting Asymmetries in Gait”, May 2007.
  16. Andrew T. Bosiljevac, M.S., “The effects of Tai Chi training on kinematic and kinetic obstacle crossing behaviors”- MS project, May 2007.
  17. Karthikeyan Rajendran, M.S., “Slips, Trips, and Falls Research Study Report”- MS project, co-advisor: Prof. Karl Rosengren (Kinesiology/Psychology), September, 2006.
  18. Brett A. Duiser, M.S., “Analysis of Human Postural Control Response to an Impulsive Perturbation,” May 2006.
  19. Kelly Marie McHugh, M.S., “Assessing Skill Due to Tai Chi Experience: A Biomechanical Analysis of Long Term Practitioners and Older Adults Enrolled in Tai Chi Training,” July 2005.
  20. Matthew Justin Major, M.S., “Biomechanical Analysis of Aggressive Inline Skating: Landing and Balance on a Grind Rail,” December 2004.
  21. Arun Kumar Ramachandran, M.S., “Effects of Tai Chi on Quiet Standing Balance and Obstacle Crossing Strategies: A Biomechanical Analysis,” December 2004.