• Scott Daigle

    Title M.S.

    MS Candidate
    Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering
    Email: sdaigle2@illinois.edu

    Scott Daigle is focused on developing IntelliWheels AGS, the world’s first automatic gear shifting system for manually propelled wheelchairs.  Similar to the way that people ride bicycles, shifting gears can make going up hills, over rough terrain, and over long distances all more ergonomically efficient.  The AGS senses how fast you are going, how hard you are pushing, and what kind of hill you are on and selects the best gear for the job without the user thinking about it.  Following his Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Scott will be working on his start-up company, IntelliWheels, Inc. which will bring IntelliWheels AGS and other products to market.