• Louis DiBerardino

    Title Ph.D. (co-advisor: Harry Dankowicz)

    Ph.D. Candidate
    Mechanical Engineering Program
    Office:  217 Mechanical Engineering Building
    Office Phone: (217) 333-1730
    Email: diberard@illinois.edu, diberard@gmail.com

    Louis also completed a combined BS/MS degree with the HDCL.


    Clinical experimentation to uncover potential control changes to a simulated recovery from injury

    • Using mathematical rigid body models of gait to uncover underlying neuromuscular control adaptations caused by changes to the system structure (i.e., injury or evolution)
    • Developing mathematical / statistical tools to better detect and diagnose gait asymmetries
    • Simulation / optimization of leg dynamics during normal and perturbed gait

    Research Interests

    • Combining dynamical systems analysis with musculoskeletal biomechanics

    Personal Interests

    • Being Dad!
    • Amateur photography
    • Ballroom Dancing
    • Golf, Baseball, Skiing (water & snow)