• Chenzhang Xiao


    Chenzhang_XiaoM.S. Candidate
    Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering
    Email: cxiao3@illinois.edu

    B.S./M.S. Combined Program, Mechanical Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


    I am a BSMS student in Human Dynamics and Control Lab. I worked on angle sensor of PPAFO during my undergrads and switch to soft pneumatic robotics project for my master thesis. I am currently focusing on designing an upper extremity orthosis using soft pneumatic actuator that would help long term crutch user and I would like to continue work on development of human assistive device after my graduation.

    Current Project

    • Developing¬†pneumatic sleeve orthosis for Lostrand crutch to help long term crutch users correct wrist posture and transfer load experienced by palm to forearm
    • Developing¬†pneumatic energy harvest system to collect and store pneumatic energy during each crutch gait cycle and to charge pneumatic actuator when needed
    • Designing¬†a passive ergonomic wrist orthosis to be attached on crutch

    Research Interests

    • Human Assistive Devices
    • Powered Orthosis and Prosthesis
    • Bio-Inspired Robotics

    Personal Interests

    • Guitar
    • Photography
    • Skiing